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female friendship

Female Friendship: How to Keep Your Girlfriends Close

Maintaining friendships over the years is not always easy. Life gets sucked out of us by busyness, and we ask for rain check after rain check until nobody asks us to go out for coffee. We start our own families, and the needs of our children and life partners outweigh anything our friends might deal with in their own lives. There are also those relationships that get destroyed by betrayals, ours or the ones of our friends, ending positive connections…

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women's voices

Women’s Voices Need to Be Heard

Last year, during the US presidential election campaign, Hillary Clinton was the subject of many critiques, but one in particular was quite disconcerting. Many people – and let’s face it, most of them being men – from anonymous trolls lurking in the dark corners of the internet to political pundits, said her voice is shrill, that her demeanor is somehow a bit off, that she sounds impersonal. Many of the women watching from the sidelines saw once again how society…

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