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dealing with office politics

Dealing with Office Politics

Have you ever worked for a company where managers seemed more focused on getting ahead than on getting the job done? Have you ever dealt with a colleague that seemed to want to make you look bad in the eyes of your superiors? Were you ever the subject of office gossip? If so, you probably hate office politics. And why wouldn’t you? While you’re investing all your time and energy into moving projects forward, some people you work with take…

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female friendship

Female Friendship: How to Keep Your Girlfriends Close

Maintaining friendships over the years is not always easy. Life gets sucked out of us by busyness, and we ask for rain check after rain check until nobody asks us to go out for coffee. We start our own families, and the needs of our children and life partners outweigh anything our friends might deal with in their own lives. There are also those relationships that get destroyed by betrayals, ours or the ones of our friends, ending positive connections…

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