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female entrepreneurs lessons

Female Entrepreneurs Answer “What Did You Learn After Your First Years in Business?”

A couple of weeks ago we reached out to female entrepreneurs looking for insights into the transformations, revelations, and lessons about themselves arising in the first years after starting their businesses. Go through their answers, check out their websites, and let us know what were the lessons you learned as a female entrepreneur. If you’re thinking about starting your own business, we hope these insights will help you have a clearer image of how things will play out. Have a…

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female entrepreneurs advice

6 Female Entrepreneurs Share What They’ve Learned after Starting Their Businesses

If your big dream is to have your own company, invent new products, change the world through your business mission and finally get the freedom a 9 to 5 job will never grant you, you must have thought about it a thousand times. How do you get to start your own business? What’s it like? The best answer we found is that it’s never quite as you imagine it will be, and that’s not a bad thing, but it’s always…

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TSC Live Sessions Terra Milo

TSC Live Sessions: How to Update Your Website with Ease with Terra Milo

Join us on the 26th of February for a brand new TSC Live Group Call, this time having super-woman Terra Milo as the host. Terra is the creator of the newest learning module available to TSC members – ‘Feel Tech-Savvy & Update Your Website with Ease’, a Technology Teacher and Marketing Strategist. She’s the go-to specialist for any entrepreneur or life-coach who wants to know how to use all the features their website has, how to make changes to web…

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tsc news

TSC News: February 2018

February is a busy and exciting month for The Sisterhood Collective. Don’t tell anyone but there’s a redesign we’ll roll out soon, amazing female entrepreneurs we’ll introduce to you through our blog and modules, and some very interesting events happening both online and offline. We’re happy to announce the 3 main events keeping the Sisterhood busy this month: February 19th: TSC Paris Meetup – The Growth through Mindfulness Circle This will be the very first Meetup organized by The Sisterhood…

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TSC Live Sessions Lexx Ellins

TSC Live Sessions: Minimalism – The Secret Sauce For a Simpler Life with Lexx Ellins

The TSC Live Q&A sessions return on the 22nd of February with Lexx Ellins, the newest guest expert to join the Sisterhood and you’re also invited. Lexx is a Life Coach working with women who want to rid their lives of chaos and clutter. She’s also a Yoga Teacher, a Motivational Speaker and (the reason why she’s our newest guest expert) a Minimalism Consultant. She created a beautiful, action-oriented learning module for The Sisterhood Collective’s members, showing us what minimalism…

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Katherine Pomerantz

TSC Live Sessions: Business Budget Boot Camp with Katherine Pomerantz

Katherine Pomerantz is the newest guest expert in The Sisterhood Collective. She’s a Money Mentor for creative entrepreneurs and she’s not afraid to drop some truth bombs on us. She did it in the new “Business Budget Boot Camp” learning module available on our platform and we’re sure she’ll do it during the module’s Live Session happening on January 24th, 2018, at 8 PM CET // 11 AM PST // 2 PM EST. (Check your local time here.) If you’d…

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dealing with office politics

Dealing with Office Politics

Have you ever worked for a company where managers seemed more focused on getting ahead than on getting the job done? Have you ever dealt with a colleague that seemed to want to make you look bad in the eyes of your superiors? Were you ever the subject of office gossip? If so, you probably hate office politics. And why wouldn’t you? While you’re investing all your time and energy into moving projects forward, some people you work with take…

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personal development plan

The Personal Development Plan a.k.a. Building a Road to Your Goals

Open Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and your feed will be flooded with “new year, new me” posts. While it’s amazing to see so many people looking to change things up in the new year, we know, from our own experience, that not all of those resolutions will stick for more than a week. You’ve surely been through it at some point, just as we did. It’s easy to be enthusiastic about changing things when everyone around you is also buzzing…

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find your purpose

Using Heartbreak as a Compass to Find Your Purpose

If you’re like the rest of us, heartbreak isn’t the first place where you’d look for the spark to ignite the transformation, to lead you towards a purpose driven life. We don’t want heartbreak, we don’t want to deal with grief, we do our best to run away from pain, not give into it. Yet, there is Glennon Doyle Melton, telling us to allow our pain to become our power. And there is Eckhart Tolle talking about how each disaster…

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